About Us

Crystal VitalHealth Online is the on-line retail side of Crystal Pharmacy and Medical Supplies. We are located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. At Crystal VitaHealth Online, we only carry authentic Canadian products made by reputable nationwide Canadian manufacturers such as Webber Naturals, Jamiesons, Centrum, etc. These are the names you can trust.

How would you know the products you’re getting from this website are from the Canadian market? Simple, Canada is a bilingual country using English/French. Finding English and French on the label of the product would be the best indication that it’s from the Canadian market. In the on-line world, all kinds of information are available. Especially when it comes to natural health products, something that can contribute so much to your health, you want to make sure the information listed is valid, and you want each ingredients listed are indeed safe as claimed.

At Crystal VitaHealth Online, we do the selection for you. We only carry products either with scientific evidence or long history of usage. Medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients, expiry date of each product are listed. All in all, we want to make sure we only offer the best products to our consumers. We want to make sure all those who browse through our website will have the comfort of finding only the safest products are presented. Why settle with brands you have no confidence in. So, please go ahead, just browse through our websites and try the experience yourself!!


麗晶維生健康網上專門店是加拿大卑斯省, 本拿比市的麗晶藥房及醫療用品中心在網上的零售服務. 本拿比市是加拿大卑斯省華裔聚居地之一。 我們有相當一部份客人的母語都是華語, 故此網站亦提供中文服務。

麗晶維生健康網上專門店出售的產品均是加拿大本土出產, 信譽良好的全國品牌,如Webber Naturals, Jamiesons, Centrums… etc. 甚麼能知道在此網站買到的產品是在加拿大本土出售? 很簡單, 加拿大是英/法雙語國家,看到包裝上的標籤有英文及法文就是最佳的証明。 在網上的世界,充滿各種真真假假的資訊. 特別是關於這些會直接影響我們健康的 健康食品知識, 我們甚麼能辨別那些資料是真, 那些是假, 我們甚麼能知道產品成份確實可靠. 不用擔心, 麗晶維生健康網上專門店幫您選擇. 我們出售的產品均經我們小心選擇, 所有產品都有科學報告證明或長期使用經驗。

為求讓顧客安心, 我們出售的產品均列明藥用及非藥用成份, 還有有效日期. 總而言之, 我們希望為您提供最可靠, 最好的加拿大產品。 進入我們的網站, 您只會看到最安全的產品。 為何要猜, 冒險買沒有信心的品牌來, 請遛覽我們的網站,自己親身感受一下吧!!